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Agnico Eagle Finland Advances Mining Education and Research

On May 30th, Agnico Eagle Finland donated $1.13 million to the University of Oulu (pictured above) to advance mining education and research in the country. The donation is based on the Company’s goal of creating long-term northern business and securing future expertise in the industry.

The Oulu Mining School is well-known for its research into the sustainable use of natural resources in Arctic regions, in order to protect one of the cleanest and best preserved natural environments in the world.

Ingmar Haga, former Managing Director Europe, says, “Agnico Eagle’s goal is to have an international high-class centre for mining education and research in Northern Finland. It is important that young people in the region get their mining education in the north, so that it won’t be necessary for us to attract workers from the south. It is also for the future of mining to ensure cooperation between educational institutions in the region, and the development of a Nordic Mining School. In this, Oulu is a key player.”

Agnico Eagle Finland also donated $113,000 to the University of Lapland for the development of research and training in the faculties of Law and Education. Ingmar Haga explains, “Having a regional university is an important factor in ensuring that we will have qualified teachers in all schools in Lapland now and in the future. We consider this to be pivotal for the future of Lapland.”