2017 Performance



Kittila’s New Treatment Facility Reduces Water Footprint

$21.5M facility was built and is one of the largest environmental investments made in Finland in recent years.

This was done as a result of A new environmental permit that requires Kittila to decrease sulfate concentration in the water it releases to the environment. After lab test work and three years of studies and pilot testing, gypsum precipitation was selected as the best process option because it is a reliable technology, even in very cold climates.

Kittila completed the first full year of operation at this water treatment plant, successfully achieving its goal of reducing the amount of sulfate in the effluent to the nearby Seurujoki River.

“We are very pleased with the results we have achieved to date at the treatment plant. The facility is working according to plan and we have substantially reduced our water footprint.” says Laura Nevatalo, water management engineer, Kittila mine.