2017 Performance


The Borealis Software can help us understand our social key performance indicators by creating charts, graphs, and reports.

Our Communities

Measuring Our Social Performance

One of the key success factors for Agnico Eagle, that we want to preserve in the future, is our ability to obtain and maintain social acceptance for our projects.

In order to measure our our performance in social acceptance, we are developing a set of company-wide social key performance indicators (Social KPIs) in community relations.

According to Patrice Gilbert, VP Health, Safety and Community, “What is the value of measuring our social performance?  We want to apply the same rigor to evaluating our social performance as we apply to all other aspects of our business, allowing us to move from a reactive to a proactive approach so that we can accurately assess and mitigate any risks to our business. We want to ensure our strategy is focused on delivering the right results and driving performance improvements in all of our programs and in doing so, creating shared value in our communities.”

In 2017, in order to develop globally understood Social KPIs we looked closely at the data we currently collect – via our sustainable development reporting program and TSM evaluations – and benchmarked external best practices. Our Stakeholder Advisory Committee, as well as our community relations professionals, helped guide our selection of proposed Social KPIs.

In 2018, we plan to pilot a program in the Abitibi region to validate our proposed Social KPIs with our host communities. Our goal is to accurately measure the outputs and tangible outcomes of our social programs, as well as the level of social acceptance in the community. As part of the pilot, we will conduct engagement workshops, interviews and surveys to further our understanding of stakeholder priorities.

Helping us track and monitor our performance against our selected Social KPIs is our newly implemented Borealis Software. Borealis will help us develop richer and more accurate reporting for our businesses, providing them with reliable information and metrics they can use as a foundation to maintain constructive relationships with local stakeholders over the lifetime of a project.

How will we know we have achieved social acceptability and maintained our social license?  Again, like other aspects of our business, we will focus on continuously improving our performance over time. We will track the quality of our relationships by evaluating the effectiveness of our activities, our engagement programs, and the level of trust and acceptance within our host communities. We will also monitor community wellness by evaluating the contribution of our community investment and development programs in improving overall community wellbeing.