Our Approach

At Agnico Eagle, we strive to work together for a sustainable future. Throughout our 60 years in business we have consistently created value for our shareholders, while striving to improve employee conditions and making a significant contribution to our communities. We have built a strong culture of responsible behaviour, achieving high standards of sustainability performance with a long-term goal of distinguishing ourselves as responsible miners.

In 2017, we continued to integrate sustainable development considerations into our business strategy and in the way we plan and manage our activities. Our Sustainable Development policy reflects an emphasis on health and wellness, our commitment to the protection of Human Rights, and to a commitment to minimizing impacts to environment and risks associated with the management of tailings and water. During the year, we committed to the implementation of measures to reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change in developing an energy and greenhouse gas management strategy.

Sustainable Development Policy

Operate Safely

We are committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards possible. Our long-term goal is to strengthen our health and safety culture with more individual accountability and leadership. This will be accompanied by a shift to aspirational Zero harm safety targets and leading performance indicators.

To achieve this, we:

  • use sound engineering principles in the design and operation of our facilities;
  • promote overall health and wellness and establish programs to protect them;
  • provide appropriate training for all employees and contractors, at all stages of exploration, development, construction and operations;
  • identify, prevent, eliminate or mitigate the risks to health, safety and industrial hygiene;
  • maintain occupational health and industrial hygiene programs;
  • provide appropriate tools to carry out the work safely and efficiently;
  • maintain a high degree of emergency preparedness to effectively respond to emergencies.

Protect the Environment

We focus on limiting our environmental impacts by using natural resources efficiently, by preventing or limiting emissions and by reducing waste. Each of our operations is required to identify, analyze and manage its environmental risks and to work in a transparent manner with local stakeholders, building a foundation of trust and cooperation. We aim to eliminate, minimize and mitigate the impacts of our operations on the environment and maintain its viability and its diversity.

To achieve this, we:

  • minimize the generation of waste and ensure its proper disposal;
  • minimize all risks associated with managing tailings and water;
  • manage waste rock and overburden to ensure environmental protection;
  • implement measures to conserve natural resources such as energy and water;
  • implement measures to reduce emissions to air, water and land, and to minimize our footprint;
  • implement measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and consider the effects of climate change;
  • integrate biodiversity conservation and land use planning considerations through all stages of business and production activities; and
  • rehabilitate sites to ensure long-term physical and chemical stability and in consultation with nearby communities in a timely manner.

Respect Our Employees

Agnico Eagle’s people and culture have always been our competitive strength and advantage. It is critical to our current and future success that, even as we grow and expand our global footprint, we maintain our corporate culture where every person is treated with dignity and respect, and people interact on the basis of collaboration, commitment and dedication to excellence.

To achieve this, we:

  • ensure that no discriminatory conduct is tolerated in the workplace;
  • provide a fair and nondiscriminatory employee grievance system;
  • value diversity and treat all employees and contractors fairly, providing equal opportunity at all levels of the organization without bias;
  • employ and promote employees on the basis of merit;
  • provide fair and competitive compensation;
  • enforce a drug and alcohol free workplace;
  • maintain the confidentiality of collected personal and private information about employees;
  • recognize the right of employees to freedom of association;
  • provide appropriate training and development opportunities; and
  • consult, communicate and provide appropriate support to employees during their association with Agnico Eagle.

Respect Our Communities

We act in a socially responsible manner and contribute to the communities in which we operate in order to make a difference in their everyday lives. We are committed to working with our employees and other stakeholders to create growth and prosperity, which allows all stakeholders to benefit from our mining experience.

To achieve this, we:

  • provide a confidential complaint reporting mechanism to report unethical, illegal or irresponsible behaviour;
  • ensure that no child labour nor any form of forced or compulsory labour are permitted in the workplace;
  • foster an open, transparent and respectful dialogue with all communities of interest and ensure that activities on private lands and indigenous lands are performed with the free prior informed consent of the land owners;
  • support local communities and their sustainability through measures such as development programs, locally sourcing of goods and services and employing local people; and
  • provide assurance that our operations will not support, benefit or contribute to unlawful armed conflict, serious human rights abuses, or breaches of international humanitarian law.

Responsible Mining

Our goal is to promote a culture of excellence that encourages our employees to continuously improve their skills and performance and to not only meet, but exceed, regulatory requirements for health, safety and environmental protection.

The Responsible Mining Management System (RMMS) is the foundation upon which we are building our capacity to manage the commitments made in our Sustainable Development Policy and reduce risks. Our RMMS is consistent with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System.

The first internal audit of our in-house RMMS was completed in 2017. The purpose of the audit was to verify the implementation of the system at the divisional level and to confirm whether the RMMS Standard requires clarification or improvement to achieve its intended goal of continuous improvement.

The audit’s findings were collected under five categories according to the degree of application of the RMMS standard verified at the audited site: major non-compliance, minor non-compliance, opportunity for improvement, best practice and innovation. All sites have now developed a action plan to close all the gaps identified with a fixed timetable of three months for major non-compliance, six months for minor non-compliance and 12 months for improvement opportunities. Best practices and innovations will be shared between divisions.

To learn more about Agnico Eagle’s RMMS, visit: agnicoeagle.com/English/sustainability/standards/