Our People Stories

We aim to maintain a safe and healthy workplace that is based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity. To achieve this, we:
  • ensure that no discriminatory conduct is tolerated in the workplace;
  • provide a fair and nondiscriminatory employee grievance system;
  • value diversity and treat all employees and contractors fairly, providing equal opportunity at all levels of the organization without bias;
  • employ and promote employees on the basis of merit;
  • provide fair and competitive compensation;
  • enforce a drug and alcohol free workplace;
  • maintain the confidentiality of collected personal and private information about employees;
  • recognize the right of employees to freedom of association;
  • provide appropriate training and development opportunities; and
  • consult, communicate and provide appropriate support to employees during their association with Agnico Eagle.

Agnico Eagle is working to achieve progress on a set of goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015. These 17 goals – known as the SDGs – focus on ending global poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all. Click the icons to read more about our activities.

Agnico Eagle’s people and culture have always been our competitive strength and advantage. It is critical to our current and future success that we maintain our corporate culture where every person is treated with dignity and respect, and people interact on the basis of collaboration, commitment and dedication to excellence.

We want to ensure our employees have the tools and skills they need to perform their jobs efficiently and safely and to achieve their full potential. We continue to provide training that enhances employees’ personal and career development opportunities. We place a particular emphasis on health and safety training, to ensure that our employees are achieving Agnico Eagle’s workplace health and safety standards.

Maximizing Local Employment
Our goal is to hire 100% of our workforce, including our management teams, directly from the local region in which each of our operations is located.

At Pinos Altos, for example, 100% of the workforce is from Mexico. The vast majority of people are hired from northern Mexico, with 76% of the workforce at Pinos Altos and 46% at La India coming from the northern states of Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa. Most of our people live in communities within a 10-kilometre radius of the mine.

In northern Canada, we remain focused on creating sustainable jobs and careers in mining for the Inuit population with an overall objective of obtaining 50% Inuit employees for all of our Nunavut operations. We have developed extensive Work and Site Readiness programs that are designed to prepare candidates from the Kivalliq region for work with Agnico Eagle. In 2017, approximately 37% of our Meadowbank mine workforce were drawn from the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.