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Place Agnico Eagle Contributes to Community Vitality

As part of Agnico Eagle’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the company sponsored a number of legacy projects in our local communities throughout the year.

Among these projects, in Val-d’Or, Quebec, Agnico contributed $200,000 to the building of a new $2 million public market square, known as Place Agnico Eagle. 

In 2017, 48 local exhibitors were able to sell their products to the over 20,000 visitors who attended various events during the 18 weeks the market was open to the public.

And with more than 107 days of activities, Place Agnico Eagle has become a gathering place for the community. During the year, the square’s numerous events included “Young Merchant Day”, the “Flavors of the World” event and even a number of weddings. 

Christian Provencher, Agnico Eagle’s Vice-President Canada says, “Place Agnico Eagle fits in with our company values and approach to sustainable development.  We want to contribute to the prosperity of our employees, their families and the communities where we operate. We are also pleased Place Agnico Eagle is helping to revitalize the city’s downtown core and enhancing the quality of life in Val-d’Or.”

Beyond the regular season, the online marketplace is heating up, allowing the online purchase of local crafts and products throughout the year. Place Agnico Eagle is officially managed by the Public Market organization in partnership with the City of Val-d’Or.