2017 Performance



Staying True to Our Culture

A committed and engaged workforce is what truly creates value for our business. Employees who trust that their voices are heard will feel comfortable collaborating to improve thinking on how things get done in the workplace. They will think outside the box, introducing a more productive way to work or taking that extra step to ensure their colleague’s safety. Their dedication allows Agnico Eagle to be the best that we can be, helping to renew our business over and over again.

We believe it is critical, therefore, to regularly survey our workforce so that we can: gain insight into their satisfaction with our performance; maintain our corporate culture; and achieve our mission and business strategy.

In 2017, our Mexican operations once again participated in the Great Place to Work Mexico® certification — an annual survey that regularly measures high-confidence, high-performance work cultures. 

The survey results ranked Agnico Eagle Mexico in the top 50 Great Place to Work companies for employers with between 500 and 5,000 employees. The goal of the program is to help organizations gain better results from their business and improve the quality of their workplaces.

Top highlights of Agnico Eagle Mexico’s survey results in 2017 include a 13% improvement in employee engagement scores over the past five years, as well as a 12% improvement in workplace collaboration over the same time period.

Additionally, 94% of our employees say that Agnico Eagle Mexico is a great place to work.

Other key highlights include:

  • Employee engagement levels were 92%, placing Agnico Eagle’s results in the Top 10 of Mexican enterprises.
  • Employee satisfaction with workplace collaboration was 78%, placing Agnico Eagle’s results in the Top 100 of Mexican enterprises.
  • Employees gave leadership high marks — 82% — for nurturing trust with employees, for their ability to drive organizational goals, and for encouraging personal bests and cultivating team spirit.

In total, 95% of employees completed the 2017 survey as compared to 90% in 2016. 

Employees also told us we need to improve our focus on compensation and performance management, employee communication and involving them in decisions that could potentially impact their roles.

“Our goal is to maintain this upward trend and continue to cultivate trusting relationships with our workforce. We are pleased that employees strongly believe in the future of our company and express their pride in working for Agnico Eagle Mexico. We will continue to strengthen our leadership team and develop the competency and skills of our workforce. We also heard very clearly that employees want us to stay true to our culture and guiding principles in order to deliver on our business goals.” 

Carlos Alegre
Regional Manager, Human Resources & Administration,
Agnico Eagle Mexico

In addition to Mexico’s Great Place to Work annual engagement survey, Agnico Eagle conducts a global engagement survey every three years to measure satisfaction levels of our employees in Canada, Finland and Sweden.

Great Place to Work Mexico® Competition Highlights

While there is always room for improvement, employees say they take great pride in working for Agnico Eagle Mexico and appreciate our commitment to investing in the future of our people and our local communities.

say they trust the leadership of Agnico Eagle Mexico

are proud to say “I work here”

say “when I see what we have, I’m proud of it”

want to work at Agnico Eagle for a long time

say Agnico Eagle Mexico is a great place to work

say they see opportunities for development, innovation and improvement

To read more about Great Place to Work Mexico, please visit: www.greatplacetowork.com.mx