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Supporting Mexico’s Campaign to Promote Higher Education

Agnico Eagle is a major supporter of the government’s campaign to encourage higher education at all levels of learning across Mexico.

To put this support into action, we partner with the International Council for Higher Education Accreditation (ICHEA*), a UN-affiliated organization, to encourage young people and adults in the communities that surround our mines to complete their primary and high school education.  The first step in the higher-learning campaign is to register interested individuals and then evaluate their current level of comprehension in order to ensure they are receiving proper classroom training. The goal is to help all students – both young and old – to complete their studies and obtain their global certificate.

At our mines, we encourage workers to register to complete their next level of education. In Yepachi, the campaign focus is on mothers, who are often at the centre of family learning; while in Baterfa, Basaseachi and Cahuisori, outreach is to the community in general.

Every year, a graduation ceremony is held for the students. In 2017, 75 primary and secondary students from Yepachi, Baterfa, Basaseachi and Cahuisori received their certificates. Between 2015 and 2017, 283 people have graduated from the program, including both Agnico Eagle employees and community members.

Diony Campos Superintendent Community Relations at Pinos Altos mine, says, “We will continue to reinforce and promote the importance of education to our workforce and to people in the communities that surround our mines. We appreciate that the ICHEA program ensures each student’s needs are met – both their achievements and their setbacks – as they advance through the educational process. It encourages them to finish their education, which is so important to the future growth and development of our communities and our country.”