UN SDG 13: Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

We are taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving our overall energy efficiency and by implementing low carbon technologies.

Working for a Sustainable Future:

Our GHG emissions reduction actions include improving our energy efficiency. At the Goldex mine, we have installed a new underground technology called the Rail-Veyor, an automated conveyor system.  It eliminates the equivalent of 14 diesel trucks that would otherwise be necessary to transport ore to the surface. In doing so, it improves industrial hygiene underground, and reduces the mine’s GHG emissions. The Rail-Veyor’s electrical source comes from hydro-electric power, a renewable source of energy. Additionally, at our LaRonde mine, we replaced heat exchangers with better energy efficiency units, reducing our consumption of natural gas by 6%.

Agnico Eagle has established energy and GHG targets to drive improvements in energy efficiency and reduce our GHG emissions. We are implementing energy and GHG reduction projects and sharing best practices in energy management among our operations to achieve our goals and contribute to global emission reduction efforts. To meet our targets, we continually explore opportunities to procure alternative energy sources. We are studying alternative power generation technology for our Nunavut operations – including wind power, liquid natural gas and the installation of solar panels.